2013/2014 Season

Interclub Results – 2013/2014:

A big thanks to everyone who participated and we look forward to seeing you all (and some new faces) back for the start of the 2014/15 interclub season in September.



Girls 16-14 S1 – finished 9th on the table but made a big effort and played very well in a tough grade


Sylvie Mangan

Lili Bena

Zoe Lewis – Captain

Lucia Giacon

Ruby Thomson

Kate Hutchenson

Gaby Bena


Boys 14-13 S2 – finished 8th – well done


Ben Gurney

Flynn Mehlhopt – Captain

Nate Lewis

James Crosbie

Lucia Giacon

Ethan Michell

Lili Bena

Kate Hutchenson



Caro Bowl Mens –  The mens caro bowl team battled hard all season and finished a credible 7th.


Teo Susnjak – Captain

Adam Staub

Sam Matheson

Aiden McDougall

Nich Brown


Caro Bowl Womens – The ladies caro bowl team came 4th out of 8 teams which was a fantastic result with our predominantly young team.


Tracey O’Connor – Captain

Sarah Wardenburg

Deanne Alter

Katherine Costain

Laura Isbey

Lauren Alter


2nd Grade Mens – In a very tough and competitive competition the team finished 3rd – well done!


Max Havaux

James Paulik – Captain

Nicholas Hornstein

Joshua Pereira


Open Men’s 1 – Tough season but battled hard for 9th.


Clayton Sceats – captain

Mark Everard

Duncan Cunninghame

Willie Lyons

Jason Spicer

David Frank


Open Women’s 1 – Not a bad season, finished 6th.


Hannah Myers – Captain

Anna Vickerman

Pandora Russell

Libby Ryan

Kelsey Walton

Amanda Gillanders

Victoria Bayley

Renee Kraakman

Steph Morison

Trelise Graham

Lucy Adams

Maddie Clarke

Marusa Pogacnik


Open Men’s 2 – delivered a very respectable result of 4th. Well done boys!


Phil McSweeney – captain

Eric Yen

Ryan Sharma

William Thodey

Thomas Robredo

Johno Gould

Anthony Bowyers

David Gebbie

Campbell Hodgson


Open Womens’s 4 (1) – Tough season but much fun was had – 11th.


Katia Bazanova

Tania Hood – Captain

Sarah Laird

Lynsey O’Brien

Lucy Chapman

Heather Higgins

Wendy Gatley

Kate Tepett

Andrea O’Malley

Iken Nonennmann

Margaret Ryan


Open Womens’s 4 (2) – Tough season also but good experience gained to kick on to next season – 12th.


Toshiko Shijo

Monica Mu – Captain

Katie Lyall

Kim Jamieson

Danielle Olivier

Kate Tepett

Andrea O’Malley

Lleana Elliot-Cherri

Crystal Hadland


Open Men’s 5 – Great result this year, finished 2nd, were unlucky not to take out the grade. Great effort!


Lawrence Herzog

Jumar Caumo

Guy Wright

Mitchell Wright

Igor Mata – Captain

Bevan Fair

Seth Nagappan

Gareth Burrett

Paul Gregory

Paul Gurney

Jake Kim

Sam Learmonth

Jonothan Verbiest

Luis Cabrera


Presidents Open 5 mixed – we came nearer the end of the table (9th), and enjoyed some terrific tennis and socialising too.


Ursula Bena (captain)

Tony McNeight

Josie McNaught

Frank Olsson

Keith Morris

Richard Koreman

Gerald Kember

Lawrence Herzog (R)

Rose Thodey

Julie Green (R)

Jackie Blacklock (R)

Paul Gregory

Paul Gruar

Stefan Boisen

Paul Gurney

Marcus Halliday

Kathryn Pettit

Lizzy Palmer-Smith

Steph Morison

John Mangan

Ginny Coubrough

Catherine O’Sullivan

Hilary Blacklock

Sara McNeish

Stehne Vaughan

David Gebbie